Hello there!

I’m Kimberly, and I WILL cry at your wedding! 

I LOVE love.  It makes my heart sing when I see two people in love. I will sit and watch the little things that show two people’s love for one another, and I will feel so happy inside.

You see, I haven’t always been good at love.  When you’re not good at love, you don’t know how to find it in yourself and you can’t identify it in others. You probably don’t even believe in it- and oh boy, can you imagine a wedding photographer that doesn’t believe in real love? YIKES!  

I believe it takes the right person- YOUR person- to show you what real love is. My husband Scott is my person, and {beware- things are about to get cheesy} .I believe in love again with every fiber of my being.  I can see it in the world around me.  With my couples on their wedding day, all of the little things that makes their love unique will shine.  I have the privilege of seeing most of these up close and it overwhelms me with happiness for them.

So yes, I will cry when a bride’s dad sees his little girl in her wedding dress. I’ll cry when she’s walking down the aisle. I’m going to be wiping tears away from behind my camera when the “I dos” are said. During the first dance I am all smiles but you’d better believe I will have tears streaking my cheeks.  I think waterproof mascara was invented so that I could be a wedding photographer!

I get to experience real-life love stories every day as my JOB.  Isn’t that incredible?  Even better is when I get to experience them with my husband by my side (yes- my multi-talented husband is also my first choice for a second-shooter and assistant!). This career is life-giving and I couldn’t be more thankful for where I am!

♥︎   ♥︎   ♥︎   ♥︎   ♥︎   ♥︎

Scott and I on our wedding day! 

My kiddos- Olivia & Ridgley, and Ridgley’s “baby.” 

♥︎   ♥︎   ♥︎   ♥︎   ♥︎   ♥︎