Bridal boudoir photography is a sexy trend that is gaining popularity as more and more brides-to-be are are stripping down to give their future spouses a gift they’ll never forget.  Whether you’re just starting your lives together, or you’re renewing your vows after 25 years, a boudoir session is the perfect way to celebrate and commemorate this time in your life.  While I always hear the reasons why women think they shouldn’t have a boudoir session, I’m here to tell you why you absolutely SHOULD!

1. Boudoir makes a great gift for your spouse.  This one is the most obvious, so that’s why it’s first!  A classic boudoir album or photo box istheperfect gift for your spouse on your wedding night- it’s a gift that will keep giving for years to come.  Years and years from now, you’ll be able to look back and remember how amazing you felt and how excited you were to marry the one you loved.  What a lot of people don’t realize is that it’s an amazing gift for yourself as well- you deserve to feel and see how beautiful you really are.

2. You will feel ahhh-maaaa-zingggggg!  Think about it- professional hair & makeup, professional photographer- getting all dolled up and posed just right.  You will be IN LOVE with how you look in your portraits.  Your photographer will knowhow to pose you to flatter your body type, and once you find your groove you will feel so confident and fearless.  Plus you’ll look and feel so glam that you should totally plan a night out on the town for after your session!

3. You are perfect just the way you are
.  I know you hear this all the time, but it’s completely true.  While we often feel that we need to lose a few more pounds, or maybe hit the gym a couple more times or any of the various excuses we come up with….remember that your spouse loves you RIGHT NOW.  Maybe you’ve been working it before your wedding and you’re in amazing shape- capture that!  Maybe you haven’t been working it as much as you’d like to- that’s okay. Because you’re perfect.  All bodies are beautiful, and yours is unique.

4. One word- shopping!  As if you need a reason,  a boudoir session gives you an opportunity to shop for whatever makes you feel sexiest- whether its skimpy lingerie or oversized sweaters.  You can’t go wrong with a simple black or nude lace thong, so make sure to put that on your shopping list!

5. It is SO MUCH FUN.  The idea of a boudoir session may intimidate you, but I promise that once you get over your initial insecurities you will have a BLAST.  You will feel so empowered and have an amazing time.  The only thing that can make it better?  Having your friends with you!  Book a group boudoir party with your best friends or bridesmaids- enjoy some snacks, wine, and laughs while each girl gets a turn in front of the camera!  You’ll all be dolled up already, so make it a kickoff to your bachelorette party!

Boudoir is all about what makes YOU feel sexy and confident!  Whatever excuses you may be thinking in your mind, push them out of there and do this for YOU!  I promise you won’t regret it!    Join my private VIP boudoir group!